Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Deaf World has become THE DEAF WORLD!!!!!"


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha GOOD ONE then we ll become DEAF POWER now we get them hearings go thru hard time as they did to deafies !

Kara said...

May I ask you a question? Are those hearing people you talk about in your vlog that you speak to about not hire them for whatever reason and the clerk at the store the SAME people who look you down before? If not,then I disagree with your attitude on this. It's same as what I heard some people who dislike black people because they experience abuse from ONE black person in past then they dislike ALL black people, which is not fair to all other black people who are nice. Same idea as hearing people who hire a deaf person and realize how lazy that person is then hearing person decide not to hire deaf person anymore, which is not fair to other deaf people who is not lazy. If those people you talk about is not the same people that look down at you before then you have no right to treat them that way. Like for example you said about this person who said relay service?? what wrong with explain it to that person? What if you explain about relay service and that person understood and willing to learn to use it, etc.. just because some hearing people look you down does not mean ALL hearing people are that way and stupid. Several bad experience with hearing people does NOT mean ALL hearing people are that way!!! Be careful who you look down at and treat those hearing people because not ALL hearing people will look down at deaf people!!

neo kent said...

ahaha, excellent idea
but it's too hard to make it
there is too millions people and
oralist who can speaks as hearing and hard of hearing [IC]
but well, it's my view as perceptive about that.
let's us see in future :]

DeafWoman said...

Hilarious!! Wouldn't we LOVE that idea, we still got a long long way to go to make that a reality...maybe some day like the old days at Martha's Vineyard where almost everyone communicate in sign language...would love to see that happening a big city or even one whole State that requires everyone to use ASL, wouldn't that be something?? This brought back memory of my three sisters who came to my bday party where there was a bunch of my deaf sisters were the only hearings there...During the party, a friend of mine came to me and said "your sister is crying..." I went up to her and saw she kept crying n crying...hugging me and telling me how she loves me...I was dumbfounded...told her I love her too and asked her what's wrong? She replied that she's NEVER seen such a big crowd of happy, playful, fun loving deaf people having a great time...such freedom...said it was SOOOO phenomonal...blew her mind and it shook her whole being. She wished she had learned ASL but our parents forbade that in our household. Altho my mother allowed it, when my deaf friends would stay over...only when my father wasn't present or wasn't home. ASL is
TRULY P H E N O M O N A L!! :-)

B.A.D. said...

Kara -

my whole point is for example, we've gone to doctor's and been rejected with interpreters, we've gone to job interviews, now one day we become power and give to THOSE people (doctors/job interview) how we felt to be rejected that we can't provide for them. Yes THE SAME PEOPLE, not to all hearing people, NO!! Just those that have said we can't have tty, we can't have interpreters, how cashiers treated us, THOSE PEOPLE we say "NO" to.......
I hope this clarified?

B.A.D. said...

PS: Kara -

another perspective (it goes BOTH ways in my explaination):
We show the hearing what we went thru. Of course, hearing think its easy to deny us. They don't know how it is hurting us, and how we have to FIGHT, we feel hurt that we can't get what we want.
How many times have I gone to job interviews/doctors/hospitals/physical therapy/shows/and been DENIED interpreter. Just to show the hearing what we've been thru.
Kara - it was a fun joke!
What's wrong with the deaf world to finally rule???

LRM said...

I love how your mind work!

It COULD happened.. NEVER KNOW!!!

I bet someone Deaf out there have POWER do that (hiring).

Anonymous said...

That would be nice to have a DEAF WORLD, Dream on!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you...
OH that would be neat if this world changed to DEAF World... that really will affect everyone's life so different. Mean NO more cell phones around the world. All hands flying around the world. Pagers Tmobile and blackberry to contact each other all over. That'll be awesome as you know many people are losing more hearing just like my friend who is losing and is forced to learn sign language and she is so glad that she can communicate to deaf group than being left out.
Yea, long time ago in Martha's Vineyard, Mass used to have all people in signing eventho many are hearing do sign around on that island. Wish it did not disappeared. The reason why
they re gone because many deaf people moved to mainland to go school , jobs and got married and settled down. It would be nice if that island could have established school for the deaf there. It might be still there to today?

Was told South Dakota but not too clear that many deaf people moved to the town name is Clerc. All deaf community with all deaf professionals in all kinds of jobs like mayor, own business, fireman etc and all of them using sign language. Anyone from South Dakota please tell us more info of that if that is true?

Thank you

Kara said...

Oh, I am sorry, I did not realize this was just a fun joke.. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

deafworldchamp said...

What u just said victim in "stuck" position, is true, but i have different perspective of "neutral" victim. Victim person is not neutral. What i learned from my internship at DC police department with deaf and hard of hearing unit, we talked about that before. We used victim in "stuck" position and those victims felt offended by that. they prefer to use victim in "neutral" position. we had to respect victims' choice. it shows neutral in language itself, not by a victim and its situation. they felt offended because the sign victim in "stuck" made them feel like they re trapped into any situation and they dont want to use it. That s what i learned from them. so we had to change our sign into victim in "neutral". :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW that was a good one... it made me laugh about how if we could overpower the hearing ppl who been putting us down. those hearing ppl need to have the same treatment they been giving us so they know how we feel when they say no terps, no u "can't read". or no job or just walk away or say word "nevermind or tell u later". u did a good joke there...