Monday, May 21, 2007

Aidan's Influence on me.


deafworldchamp said...

It s so great that aidan has influence on you! if it werent for her, i d probably never met you! u did great job on those vlogs! i should make some one day. lol. :-)

DeafWoman said...

Hey there!! There's always someone who inspired us when we were younger as Aidan had inspired you when you met her! Aidan is a BIG advocate for ASL and encourages everyone to use it as I do encourage younger generation to do the same. We are all unique in our ways, thinkings that we can interact with one another and helping each other to grow! Keep on vlogging girl!! Smiles! :-)
Hey deafworldchamp, go for it to vlog, smiles!

mishkazena said...

Watching your other vlogs, I wouldn't have figured that you grew up oral. You showed strong fluency in ASL in the other vlogs. How wonderful Aidan were friends with you back then and taught you ASL.