Monday, May 21, 2007

The BIG Question


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you.

I thought that you are going to strip yourself! Drat!


ccm14er said...

100 Percent PERFECT. This need to be finished, case closed.

Two or three months ago (or so) it had been WONDERFUL sharing among alot of funny Vloggers-Bloggers, lot of fun discussions etc. NOW, the DeafRead listing currently, it look "getting tired" NO FUN... looking complainers.


Cheers and Wavy in Hands, a "get bored" reader.

michele said...

I understand where you are coming from, in other words, I am glad that Ridor brought this issue up that whenever a person wants to use another person's idea, the credit should be given out. And then you say that Wayne has not been saying anything, I agree with you that he should say something so we know how he is feeling about this whole thing and that I hope it served as a good learning experience for everyone to always ask for permission first. And also to try to be as original, unique and imaginative to show to the world that we are capable of dreaming and bringing new ideas instead of being stuck over and over with small ideas. We are a bunch of intelligent, well-versed and very creative group of people and let's use these talents to show off to the world! Healing will be done when we are able to have a constructive dialogue, discuss about issues that are sticky but that we can arrive to a conclusion that we can compromise and many other things. Sometimes it takes longer to heal and this one opened a big wound.

Anonymous said...

Michele—Aidan already gave Wayne’s credit in her comment on her vlog. Please get this thing through your head. Ridor knew all about it. He saw it as an opportunity and used this opportunity as a weapon against Aidan.

Wayne—Please tell us that Aidan and you solved a problem.

Anonymous said...

hello, who is michele? tell us more about you, please.

Anonymous said...

Who is Michelle? Tell me more about you.

Anonymous said...

We really do need Wayne to have the final say. It's gone way too far.

DeafWoman said...

Oh boy!! I agree with you what you said that this has got to stop, with Ridor going on and on...just won't let it go...thought it was done, case closed...why he have to bring it up again and gosh, so much bashing all over again, this is so immature. I hope Wayne will vlog/blog, preferably to vlog to share with us his thoughts.
ccm14er is right in saying how few months ago, it was wonderful reading blogs and watching blogs made by our deaf people...we need that back. Gary is GREAT and a motivator to prod us to move on and to shake ourselves to stand up and fight.
Aidan did give credit to Wayne after she realized who made the film. Enough of judging and accusing with name calling, please! God is our judge, we are not. Let's have some fun like you did with your vlog, with hilarious face of yours, smiles! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Ridor likes to stir trouble so people can visit his blog.