Sunday, May 20, 2007

Introduction/VRS Issue

To introduce myself as a new vlogger.

My personal experince with VRS.


DeafWoman said...

Hi Betty, nice meeting you...welcome to the vloggers' world...guess what...I live on Orange street and you live on Yellow St, coool!! You have very strange face, something wrong with your webcam? LOL!! Enjoy your new blogspot girl! Good luck!! Smiles!

Mikey said...

Hilarious! Love how you play with your camera to enhance your facial expressions... HILARIOUS! Love it and looking forward to more!! Welcome!

LaRonda said...

Well hello. your first vlog was entertaining. :) I've seen you post comments before, but nice to see you in person - even if you look like you're standing in front of a circus mirror. Ha.

One comment about VRS - the interpreters are from all over the USA. When you call, you migh get someone from the northern states, or southern region, west coast or out back east. Each region in our country has different ASL dialects. This means the sign for something like "corn" may look different in the north or south. Some interpreters are new to different regional signs. Be patient with them and educate them so they learn them for future use. As for finger spelling, I think reading finger spelling on a tiny TV screen is quite challenging. Communication goes both ways. Deaf people needs to slow down to be clear and terps need to improve their receptive skills so we all communicate better. This doesn't excuse poor VRS interpreters (and there are a few out there), but my point is that if we aim to teach, slow down and help communication be clear, their won't be so much frustration. Communication is a two-way street.

~ LaRonda

kira said...

hi, i like something different in introducion :)

mishkazena said...

Cool visual effects! lol

Welcome to the deaf vlogworld! :)

Anonymous said...

WELCOME TO OUR VLOGLAND!! Oh MY! I laughed so hard even I cried..... Oh my god!!! Good Job!!

About VRS... I notice it becomes more often. It is frustrating.. It is because ASL is my language.

Few interpreters meet my level. I tend to have a few min conversation with VRS operator and to see if they meet my level before I make a call. I know it takes some time but it is worth. Sometimes, the call is not that important, can tolerate making mistakes then go ahead.. You know..

As right now, we need to push interpreter community to particpate Deaf community. They are not our helpers. They are doing for the career. They continue attend workshops, events, and things like that. They also need a develop a thick skin for constructive feedback. They keep up with ASL and English translation skills.

Personal Trainer has a duty to stay fitness or otherwise she or he wouldn't do the job... Same with the interpreter...


Anonymous said...

You must be joking about what happened to one of your VRS interpreters who grossly misunderstood you like that. I never seen any VRS interpreters like you experienced. Since you use your "circus" special effect video, I think you were just joking and were trying to be funny.

Oscar the Observer said...

What is next, Freddy Krueger vlogging? Jason? Or even worse, Michael Myers of Halloween fame?

*evil laugh*

Good introduction!

michele said...


Welcome to vlogland! Your face made me laugh hard!

Anyway, you can always hang up if the interpreter does not do a good job, I know it may sound rude or even harsh, but the interpreter is not providing equal and accessible communication. Imagine how the person on the other line may be feeling, they may wonder what is going on and feel uncomfortable.

One time I had a terp who was distracted, i thnk he was looking at the computer several times and interpreting, he did not do a very good job. I think relay interpreters are great, they do a good job. So I guess you have to shop around and find which relay services offers the best interpreters.

Anonymous said...

HIIIIII Betty (ha)
YOURE sooooooo funnny.. I laughed so hard and even my tummy shakes so hard. Youre the best!!!!
Yea that happen to me too! arughhh
Terps should have be more qualified. Darn!


mochame said...

Good Laugh! Welcome to your vlogger and will see more of your vlogs.

Anonymous said...

B.A.D....thanks for leaving comment on my new appears your first vlog screen looks lot better than my blurry vlog...JK.

Nice meeting you and see you more often online now. NightOwl

Anonymous said...

whew your vlog was sooooooooooo funny. really made my friend and myself laughed so hard enough to tear and tummy pain......
you did excellent job and pls do more of VLOGGGGGGGGGG LIKE THIS........
thanks for sharing.

lindsey123 said...

hi my name is lindsey
an i am in the 11th grade an i would like to ask how to make it ezeyer to understand ASL so i get what i am doing in school so i can also help with utheres that can not here you when you are talking to them it would be nice to know what i am doing lol...

so i would like to learn how to do it but i would also like to learn how to make it ezery for me to understand how to do it an how ti lear my abc to becuesa i dont really understand it as will as i should understand it

but i hope you can help me with my things that i have to do in ASL

thanks alot
it is alot of help
thanks agein

Anonymous said...

hi my name is lindsey
an i would like to ask you so things
about ASL
becusea i have a hored time trying to get it
so i will like it you could maybe tell me how you did it
an that mite maybe help me alot
an i thank you lots

thanks lindsey

Anonymous said...

Your first vlog is funny... it made me laugh... yeah i have problems sometimes with VRS terps understanding my signs too...