Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What do I do? Your HELP would greatly be appreciated!! :-)


Oscar the Observer said...


Here is a phone number for VA

(800) WHA-EVER

Good luck!


C said...

Not to worry! Psychologist recognize "onlineaholics" and there is such a thing as "internet addiction disorder". Serious!

I was suprised.

I don't think you're that bad..just need a bit of will power that is all. :)

Anonymous said...

HI ASLMusic,

YOU'RE damn sooo funny again! ;-)

OH you think you're vlogacholic?

Nah I don't think so since you just start on vlog not long ago. I think it is normal for everyone to think about vlog at work.You can think and prepare to put on vlog til you get home from work. How about write it down on paper at work so you won't forget til you get home.

Have fun vloging! Dont give up!


jwomick said...

my suggest for u take small notes papers with u or if u have sidekick or whatever u have message cellphone take notes so u won't forget it then u get home check lists what u want start to thinking about vlogs i hope it's help my suggest for u? can be FOR ANYONE WHOEVER VLOGGERS TOO! hahahahahahhaa thank for sharing open discuss about problem thing. keep up with ur vlogs!

Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

deafworldchamp said...

that s okay to be addicted to vlog because it is not bad thing to do! It is a good influence! since you ve influenced me starting on this! right? :-D

DeafWoman said...

BIG LAUGHS!! Ya such a cutie, cuz you definitely NOT vlogaholic, just slightly (?)obsessed for a time, as you just started vlogging...what you need is
...p a t i e n c e...
Oh, Oscar the observer gave you the correct number for VA...but here's another one which is:
800 VLOG ING, lol!
You did GREAT on this one, keep it coming girl! We all need some good laughs from vloggers such as you and others.
SB is right about writing notes, if needing to reply later, it really helps...That's how writers do...they carry lil notebooks with them and write them down. Good luck! Have a great obsession day! Hee hee smiles! :-)

NeaLAUGH said...

Yo ASL Music Lady,

That is the best of WillPower than went to the bars...but you felt that you are an addiction. There have no programs. Use a TOOL ?
Plug OFF ! LOL
I love your sense of humor !

Toe Up ! Ouch...

DeafWoman said...

Yo! Shrimpy had a GREAT idea, that'll DEFINITELY solve your vlogaholism problem, LOL! Quit your job and do vlogging full time, oh boy! All day/all night! I would go crazy if I did that...you wanna do that? Would that solve your problem? Something to consider, eh? Haha!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling being hooked onto vlogging, since i started vlogging in dec, i became hooked, i think about it everyday. part of it, cuz i live in hearing world so i use vlogs as a way to get into deaf community with deaf vlogs... also it lets me use my signs too... ur not alone....