Friday, July 25, 2008

How can we (Deaf) contact cops while driving?


Anonymous said...

This is a very good question, yet even a simple one! If the driver got caught, he/she would have definitely got charged for reckless and aggressive driving! Seen way too many punks on the roads!

When spotting a vehicle accident, people call 911, but we deafies are not even allowed to call 911 via relay when we use our mobile phones such as sidekick or blackberry, aren't we? I think it's in the progress for us to be able to have easier access for emergencies. I wish I knew more. It's been a burning question for me, too!!

eric.jindra said...


I totally understand how you feel. I went to Autoshow in Washington DC it always host annual in January. I happen to spot a police officer and at that day I was thinking about how drunk driver was driving last night. So I approached to an officer and I asked him how I can contact officer to take that DUI off from street. After long discussion and I couldn’t find a satisfied answer, and police officer felt bad about deaf people are totally hopeless to contact for help beside VP and 911. It makes sense to me because it takes a lot time to text police department to find out my location, situation, details, and so on. If we had relay and it will be little longer but comes with same result. It’s worthless unless you can take him out by yourself with CCW (concealed carry weapon).

At that night in past and I saw clearly drunk driver swooping all around on road, speeding, didn’t drives straight and it was about 2 to 3am at night. I wish I had Porsche 911 and I could speed up to shoot that tire rather than see that car hits other car which that might kill a family or someone that was totally innocent. I never like city or state police because they lack understanding for the community and to share the responsibility with community. They are always facing financial issue and governing issue, blah, blah, blah. I always support local community enforcers and that means each households who abides laws and has guns will take a turns to enforce the town. That way, if some situations appear and every community will know who was responsible for a situation. Everyone would share each individual’s talents to solve the problem. It takes a teamwork and community to prevent crimes and to maintain safety in the county. Sadly, that many of us are getting lazy and lazier so we complains that we don’t want to take roles of community enforcer and turns that to city and state. City and states makes everything much worse than what it was suppose to be. But oh well this world isn’t our but we will wait for Christ’s reign in this world for totally utopia holiness world.

Hey do you remember what happened to elderly man who was hit by car and everyone left him on ground for very long period even the cars passed him. Shame on America! God is clearly not with America for at this time because we are forsaking him and totally focused with our sinful life. Many young people are in-responsibility with their lives and goes out speeding, sorting drugs, making unwanted children, and so on! What’s going on with us?! Pointing to down bottom line that many of us chooses to not go to Church and enjoying what we have with luxury life as being an American.
Conclusion, nothing we could try to call police officer with our deaf limitation but someday you could invent a new software or device to make it enable contacting officer without using ear and mouth with very effective result.

Behold Jesus for salvation and spread words out that God commands us repent.

Praise Lord for his beautiful sovereign,