Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Deaf Bracelet?


Deaf Pixie said...

Hi ASL Music,
I have a allergy names on my tag. I never worn it after 10 years later. because I have hard time to communicate with nurse when I became reaction and difficult breath and really pretty serious to allergy to Sulfa is much worsen than pne medcine is related to Sulfa and other odd medicine is not related to Sulfa and Morphine.

Morphine and Sulfa is kind of 2nd or3rd cousin of ingredetion, I am trouble to spelling That's depend how much amount of medicine.

I should have plan to get another one.

Second things, ADWAs from One of staff told me that her friend put tatto on her allergy names on her wrist or somewhere it would recongized instead of wear bracelet. if you lost it. no replaced
Have to order another new brac. Use Tattoo.
Good idea! I never thought of that.
Tatto is permanate. I never thought of that,too.

mishkazena said...


I had one of these medical alert bracelet when I was a young kid at an oral school. It had become a hot fad in this school, so we were sporting them proudly.

It's a good idea if the patient has severe allergies, diabetes, or seizures, to have the medical alert bracelet include Deaf. The reason is that I've witnessed police beating on Deaf people during insulin shock, not realizing that they cannot hear the police orders.

LaRonda said...

Hmmm... on one hand it sounds good. makes sense to have hearing people able to identify us deafies in emergencies. On the other hand, it kind of feels like our deaf identity would be "medicalized." So not sure about a Deaf bracelet. It's a novel idea and surely faddish, but not sure I would want or wear one.

Good vlog and topic.

~ LaRonda

B.A.D. said...

LaRonda -

I agree with you 110% about our Deaf Idenity being "medicalized" - my question is...how do we let the ambulance/people know we are Deaf, when we pass out?
IF hearing, they may start to open their eyes because of them calling their names/or saying "wake-up"....
IF Deaf...how do they know we are Deaf?? The "alert" braclet is a fast catcher of the high authority to see, and turn the braclet around and know we are Deaf...to prevent other needles in us that shouldn't be received.
Again - I totally AGREE with you 110%.....I don't like Deaf being called "Medcial" either - NO WAY!

Dianrez said...

It sounds like choosing between the best of two bad situations.

Being given dangerously wrong medical treatment; or being recognized as a "medically" deaf person and therefore requiring specific and lifesaving communication techniques?

This is not the time to demand political correctness about being deaf.

Better wear the bracelet. EMT's don't need PC to do their job.

DenaReiter said...

I wear a bracelet because of low blood pressure fainting (they call it syncope) and it says to look at my wallet card. On the wallet card it has all of my info, plus my medications. I pass out alot, and it's hard to tell people what's going on when I don't understand what's going on added on to the fact I've just passed out and I'm coming around. I'd wear the bracelet because I know it would help me in the event of an emergency and had to be rushed to the hospital.