Thursday, May 22, 2008

Comments on V/Blogs


Amy said...

I agree!

Amy Cohen Efron

Deaf Pixie said...

I agree with you!!!!

Basing is very became difficult to communicate and not friendly. Who is not really along with some else's

Hope it's getting better to along with b/vlogs.

Deaf Pixie

Anonymous said...


Agree with you 100% if you dont like someone in vlog or blog just simply leave them alone or just respect them.. we all have different perspectives... its just thier opinions.. is all not necessary to make negatives or being insults to others.
If we continue bashing on each other and there is no reason for doing this as you are just destroy our deaf community over little things.
Lets go for PEACE and be nice to each other.


Seek Geo said...


Good to see you.. again! :-) I couldn't agree more and glad you stepped it up because these type of people who I usually call them big coward.

When I see them bashing others, I say to myself, it's okay.. it's okay, they have very low self-esteem so they "think" by taking out on others will make them feel better.

I bet you months/years later when they will finally come to their senses if even that, they might end up reading their own comments or posts from back, they'd be like.. uh oh! I said these things like that.. no way?!?

Again.. good job!


Anonymous said...

I agree with u... Kudos to u and seek geo comment too... if u have nothing good to say to someone, then just don't say it and if u don't like their vlogs then don't watch it, how simple is that? those who make bad comments will look back and realize what they did, in past some things i did bad i look back and feel bad and learn from it...

deafwomynpride said...

Hey B.a.d. Yea!! I agree with you 100 percent!!!!

codadiva said...

I LOVE the unity that we need to have. I'm a Coda and there are some Codas that don't want to be involved with the Deaf community at all... that makes me sad. I want hearing, Deaf, CI or Coda to all get along. We don't have to agree, but we can for sure try to make the world brighter by sharing our experiences and learning from one another.

Those that stir up trouble usually get bored and kinda disappear, but there is always someone else to fill their shoes. We can only focus on being the best WE can be.

Michelle D said...

Oh yess!! I agree with you totally!!! If I ever get any negative comments, I just erase them off my blogsite. Insulting and bashing aren't really necessary! You are absolutely right!
Kiss-fist ya!

Oscar Serna said...

Yeah, that's why I ain't blogging anymore.

In addition to several other blogging culture elements, that bashing element eroded my stress tolerance.

I decided to just delete my blogs and just vlog now and after at whenever I have good thoughts to share. It is a lo more community-feeling in there, that's for sure!

Deb Ann said...

Your message is so important. Yes, I got 6 harshful messages on my blog and I had to delete them all. I still have no clue of who did it. What is more, I noticed other blogs have bashing messages. I wonder who and why...It's so depressing until you made a vlog about that.
You're bravo!

LS said...

All above comments I could not have said better. I concurred with you about anonymous lashings.
I'm glad you brought that up, I prefer DVTV over DR, more of interpersonal that way.
We all have our own opinions and either way we can share or ignore rather than lash out on someone's blog.
Thank you

Candy said...

Being anonymous is a right, however, when one abuses it and bashes others, then, it has gone too far.

I have had a few on my blog too.

You can always block that IP if you wish.

Deaf Woman said...

Hey B.A.D., I agree with you 110% and it sure is pathetic when an anonymous person feels the need to bash others...why not be kind and HELP others, not doesn't help. Think about it...we listen more when we get good and honest advise (sometimes it hurts, but we needed that), we are more open to listen...but when someone insults or makes judgmental accusation against others, how can their heart be open to hear/listen/read their negative words. Bravo for your vlog!! You go girl!! You ROCK as always!! :-)