Friday, July 25, 2008

This is about MY feelings for DBC & DeafHood


SDA said...

WOW! Such a powerful vlog! I'm inspired by you and your beautiful message!
I know DBC supporters will also feel inspired!
Those naysayers should pay heed to your "from the heart" message!

Anonymous said...

Get over it.

Deb Ann said...

My hugs to YOU! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you to asl musc

Squ65 said...

Yes yes yes! I feel the same too! I am frustrated personally -- I hate seeing fighting each others about the DBC and DeafHood. How soon this gonna stop?
Hugs! Diane

*hands waving*

Anonymous said...

Yes! I agree with you 100% By the way, I am a hearing parent and whatever people want to say, we hearing parents want to know that our Deaf children who grow up to be adults can be self-confident, proud, and strong. It is a win-win situation whether it be through a bond of womanhood, brotherhood, or Deafhood. Whatever it is good. Making ASL and a proud self identity seem negative is silly. Hearing parents do understand this. Just give us a chance.

Beaux Arts de Boutjean said...

ASL Music,

C'est sublime! Powerful! DBC is

It has been eons and eons since you have last vlogged! Really good
to see you again!

Joey Baer said...

This message coming from YOU and your heart - POWERFUL! You said it beautifully. We need to stay strong and united knowing we have done nothing wrong but full of inspiration. DBC and Deafhood are not about individual power but a Deaf power!

Thumbs up!!

David Ennis said...

Oh yes I will always support DBC that provides Deaf Bilingualism to all Deaf children and also will certainly support the Deafhood that enlightens the Deaf Culture to all Deaf children

Everyone.. you should know better that the language without culture will not be survived,
Both language and culture should always be intertwined in order to survive.

I am willing to listen any criticizer with love who gives feedbacks on DBC or Deafhood. However,
I don't want to listen any criticizer with hate at all.

God Bless Deaf Idealists who are actively involved in DBC, Deafhood, Deafread, NAD and of course your inspiring blog.

Amazingly, the numbers of hearing parents are increasing for supporting the DBC.

In early 1950's, my hearing mom decided to take the sign language classes in Austin, Texas and eventually became interpreter. My father was good signer too. God bless hearing parents and my dear hearing allies.

Deaf Woman said...

Really GREAT vlogging post!! WOW!! I agree with you wholeheartedly... the POINT is about the Deaf babies/children's rights to learn ASL (DBC's goal) as their primary start their young minds to work..not to suppress them like many of us have been through.

My experience: I wasn't able to communicate til I was about FOUR years mother told me I only "spoke" 12 words when I entered into a Deaf residental school. All because doctors told my parents not to learn sign language with me...deprived us from TRUE communication and gave us a lot of heartaches/ frustrations and sorrows.

So the point is, let DBC achieve their goals to reach out to hearing parents with Deaf babies/children, to encourage them to communicate via ASL from the very beginning of their young lives as their PRIMARY language! They've (DBC) just started making baby steps...we need to give them room to grow and expand...Don't suppress them...let them grow! We need them...for our future babies/children's sakes!!

As for Deafhood, it's for everyone to understand our culture and our Deaf History that we can truly cherish and be proud of our identities...the struggles and victories we get by tearing down the obstacles! I'm planning to attend their next workshops (wasn't able to due to personal reason)...and am looking forward to it!

With all that's been going on the last few weeks really saddens me and honestly, confused me as to what the commotions was really about. I still don't get it...all I can say is that it's all a "Crab Theory"... pulling each other down... when we should be holding each other up, giving support...sometimes it's hard to hold them up...but worth it down the road. We all NEED to pitch in and help each other out, not tear each other apart!

We need to expose AGBell for who they really are...we will not let them tear us down or cause us to fight against each other.

GREAT VLOGGING B.A.D.!! Keep on vlogging!! :-)