Monday, January 28, 2008

My Rights? To have an interpreter at Vet (Behavior Specialist).

The reason being for my sweet puppy to go to behavior specialist is to see if she has "OCD" (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). She is always obsessing over shaows, now is starting to bark here and there :-( Want to break the cycle before it gets worst!!!


deafworldchamp said...

First of all, i hope dakota is okay. Yes you have rights to request an interpreter. You can request for it at any service you need. You will have to work with specialist and you would need an interpreter. if she doesnt know about it, she s really responsible for hiring an interpreter. if she doesnt know then you can give her contact information. to be honest, i hope it doesnt have to postpone the appointment therefore you gotta contact them now a week ahead. Let me know how it goes!

mishkazena said...

Yes, ADA refers to the accessibility of services being equal to the deaf just like it is with their hearing peers

GalaxyAngelz said...

Not their decision.(Vet Behavior specialist)
Your rights have to get an interpreter no matter what.
If they stubborn and refused accept you bring an interpreter.. therefore you have to make an contact w/ADA seek for your rights.

Good Luck!

Dianrez said...

Not being able to cite health or life-threatening situations such as your doctor and hospital would have, it might be difficult to "require" an animal behaviorist to hire an interpreter.

Try this: as a business, it wants to encourage customers and provide equal service to all, and the cost of providing equal access can be deducted from taxes. (I think it is a credit, but you'd have to ask specifically how it is done.)

Your other dog looks like a border collie; is the puppy one, too? They are prone to nervous (compulsive) behaviors, so it might save you money by reading up on border collie pages on the Internet.

I had one that would chase shadows, chase a ceiling fan around and around, and constantly pace around the room looking for something that didn't exist. The border collie is an intelligent dog and needs a lot of challenges such as training on ramps and fetching from difficult places to calm them down.

Deaf Pixie said...

Good Question!

I think you should get a interpreter request and if not working and asked Vet to read NAD about related as A.D.A.. Try that ?

if not. Apply file complaint. I saw Petco in 1 or 2 week ago in DeafRead about a week ago.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

You should get an interpreter... it required by ADA laws anyways. simply tell them about ADA laws about having an interpreter, otherwise u would have to use notepad and write everything back and forth and that does take more time then using a interpreter. just my idea.

Anonymous said...

oh and, my dog Frankie does have OCD, he licks the floors, keeps going at it and also like to keep licking my friend Robert. he also will sit at the floor and stare at u and keep doing little loud chirps at u until u pay attenion to him. of course i don't really hear it unless i have my hearing aid on. he always wants to be on someone's lap.

Lantana said...

Hi,I don't know about the "interpreter" part, but I can tell you that my daughter has (2) Aussie Shepherds like your's. And they are WORKING DOGS, they were bred to WORK and herd and the owner must keep them very, very busy in order to keep them satisfied. We take my daughter's dogs down on the beach and they wear themselves out "herding" sand pipers and other birds on the beach. This wears them out and satisfies their working instinct. These dogs were not bred to lay around and be lapdogs.

Can't you take a friend with you to help with communication? That is what I do. But our vet here has several deaf clients and he is used to us and talks slowly and clearly.

Good luck with your endeavor!


B.A.D. said...

I thank you all for your support and info. I'm writing a letter tonight to request an interpreter & fax the ADA law.

Lantana - my dogs (both of them) are Border Collies, yes they have VERY high energy and NEED to keep working, and are very smart.
I noticed the problem with Dakota when I was playing with the "laser lights" (as my other trainer said it was OK a couple months ago, to make her tired, play play!) That is when she slowly started finding shadows/barking/and gathers all the tennis balls in one place when I throw them, licking ONLY the office walls at times. I know they need constantly exercise/playtime/and attention, which I always give to them....which I'm going OFF the computer now to give them both play time :-) after coming home from work. My older Border Collie (9.5 years) does not have this problem, only my Dakota. Am getting this addressed FAST :-)

mishkazena said...

Avoid the activities that will encourage her OCD tendencies. My older doberman, Mishka has OCD, so I refrain from the triggers which helps a lot. A lot of exercises helps keep the dog occupied.

Using laser light is a big no-no as they often trigger OCDs. I am sorry that the trainer isn't aware of the border collie's high tendency for OCDs. : /

Deb Ann said...

It's a good idea to get an intereter because the issue is about the behavior (A to Z) and it's a two-hours appt.

HoeyHemp said...

You paid the price for your dog training behavior, without the interpering you will only get the half of the information, its not worth the money. Its very important to get interpering to get FULL INFORMATION. : )

Deaf Woman said...

Yes, you definitely have a right to be provided with an interpreter! Because it's very expensive and limited to 2 hours. It would take longer for behavior specialist to talk to you/write notes on pad than it would be if an interpreter is provided. (Specialist will check her watch and might charge you extra if passed 2 hours...unfair, ya know...) Explain to this specialist about how much faster and smoother if she provides one for you. And very important that you understand everything and how Dakie can be helped. Is there enough time to find one soon?

Keep us posted on how it goes...if you were provided with an interpreter.

GOOD TOPIC! Keep on vlooooogging!!

Squ65 said...

Make a deal

1/2 price if no interpreter

A full price if interpreter

Feedback with your friend who is a doglover or Grab a dog training book.

whadda think?

I work at the veterinary hospital (It is a big hospital thou). That place rarely gets me an interpreter for the big meetings. Usually on Wednesdays (I don't work on that day). Clever huh? They knew getting an interpreter is expensive. It is used to be on Thursdays but not anymore. I've reminded them a few times about the ADA laws and I can't interpret for the Deaf consumers.

Border Collie is one of the smartest dogs of all!

Redirect with the new hobby. Umm ... Throwing the ball or frisbee in the field. Even walk the dog. Good luck.

Deaf Pixie said...


I popped and want to check on you. Have you getting a interpreter yet for your dog at Vet and Hope to hear from your result.
How is progressive with your dog's having difficult OCD.

Deaf Pixie

Cyborg Queen said...

Hmm. Very interesting question. Majority of the time doctors will provide an interpreter when it comes to patients' health, but when it comes with animals, it's another story. It's sad that animals are still considered "property". I hate that. My two cats are my children.

I agree with some of the posters that you should request for interpreter, and educate them about having an interpreter, and requesting one. Maybe you can find a volunteer interpreter, and that would take off the burden of the price, etc.
How did it go?

B.A.D. said...

Hi everyone!

I went to the "Behavior Specialist" yesterday and YES got an interpreter!! YEAH!!!
It was awesome to have an interpreter, the womyn and tech were very good with the terp, looked right at me, didn't say "tell her" etc....even though it was their first experienced!
My dog...sigh...has OCD (Obsessive Compulisve Disorder) she did ask me about medication, FOR NOW - I reject. I rather break her cycle first, which she agreed and understood my part (one of the reasons I rejected medication for my Dakota because of "side effects" that she may have, also don't want her to lose her puppyhood, even though the Vet said she wouldn't but Hey - I'm MOMMY, let me see if I can break her cycle!! smile).
Started yesterday, and today, its taking work, and ALOT of changes, like she can't have my "free love" she has to like "work" for my love, she has to work for treats, being that she is a border collie and also has OCD is alot, she examined her and saw that she needs ALOT of mentaility (sp?) work. Will be doing that FOR sure!!

Thank you all for checking up on me! Thank YOU!!

Anonymous said...

could figure out what kind of "work" ur puppy likes, like if the pup likes to do search and seek, then u can play a game with her, like hide treats or ur things then have her search then when she finds it, u can give her ur love. also sometimes u can have a little pack, light weight, she can carry around on her back, then it like work then she gets love in return, there are fun games that are like work... it just my ideas...