Thursday, January 24, 2008

In Response of: North True Alcohol Abuse in ASL What

See his link: "Alcohol Abuse in ASL What"


Bug said...


mishkazena said...

A.A. is a common sign for alcoholics around here in DC. The signs 'Alcohol' 'person' are also used for alcoholics

Even more confusing is that A.A. is also used for academic advisors at Gallaudet.

NorthTrue said...

Hello ASL Music

I understand your point of view.
Only what I am wondering what interpreter will say.
Once time in other place anywhere. the Deaf guy say he sign drinking AA and interpreter spoke Alcohol Anonymous.
That why i want make sure to ask the person to clarifty before interptret to consellor or support group to give right service.

That why i care with Deaf people.

Anonymous said...

Go back and watch yourself on this video.
"Overeaters" watch how you sign that.
Do you really mean "over" as in over a bridge
or do you mean overeater as in "too much" eat.

Fascinating how we mis-sign our own intentions!

Anonymous said...

I am an Deaf alcoholic and drug addict in recovery. AA sign around 20 years ago sign means active alcoholic which sign I myself used before becoming sober. When I came to AA Alcoholics Anonymous and interpreter did used AA and my first thought was active alcoholic. Then realized it was new sign for Alcoholic Anonymous. Sign for active alcoholic is same sign as we would for alcohol. I smiled when I saw your comment. People who have not experience going to meetings will use same old signs. Understandable.
Overeaters are appropriate terms rather than fat. Over means too much.
Thank you so much for clarify on this.
Deaf Anonymous

gina said...

I totally agree with you! (grins)

Deaf Woman said...

True, I agree with you on how to sign Alcohol Abuse...should be spelled "abuse" or can be signed this way...left hand is closed but with forefinger as in "1" and the right hand is in a fist, hitting the "1", back and forth...that the sign for abuse.

I chuckled when anonymous asked you to re check your sign for OverEaters would you sign that? I think I would sign "Too much" eating...what you think?