Thursday, January 24, 2008

Define Hard of Hearing????


deafworldchamp said...

yess! i totally agree with you! It is nothing wrong to call themselves deaf even tho they believe they are hard of hearing. I always thought why people call themselves hard of hearing. Is it only based on their hearing level? it doesnt have to be that way. Once they lose their hearing, they can call themselves deaf. or they might feel they can speak or part of hearing world or whatever their reasons are. it doesnt have to be hard of hearing. Hard of Hearing itself can be complicate way of explanation. Why must make life so complex? That is just my opinion, and i just have to say i agree with you!

Anonymous said...

To me, Hard of hearing means, that person maybe not fully accept their hearing loss, also a person who is HOH only has 30 or 40 percent hearing loss and they can talk on the phone without hearing aids. that just my opinon... ppl with more then 50 percent hearing loss should be "Deaf"... my right ear is about 85 percent hearing loss and 120 percent loss in my left ear so of course i am proud Deaf!!!

Bug said...

Hi! Maybe they have identity confusion. They don't often value Deaf people, their language or their culture. Their opinions and decision about our language and culture are often based on their own ignorance of our language and culture.

Moi said...

I'm sorry I had trouble viewing your video.

Anonymous said...

I am hard of hearing person. I dont know ASL why you called me d/Deaf. Before I am hearing now i cant hear very well. Hard of hearing is ok for me and if i learn about d/Deaf then maybe i could be like you.

Anonymous said...

Hard of Hearing? We Deafies are called "Easy of Deaf"?? (opposite of words) LOL

Anonymous said...

I think it is more benefit for the hearing people to identify us between deaf and hard of hearing or hearing impaired. Hearing people gets so confused of why people that wears hearing aids and can talks calls themselves deaf. That's why they labeled us HOH. My mom called me as HOH all my life but I called myself deaf. But when I am in hearing world, I had to identify myself HOH because it is impossible to explain to those hearing people about deaf culture. Two different worlds yup...But once I am in deaf world, I am DEAF all the way. I leave my hearing aids at home and go out with deaf friends. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Are you proud be Deaf. Ok are you proud someone label you as disabilities because you are Deaf.
that is same thing what you label H of H as Deaf.

DE said...

Good vlog. I have been wondering the same, as well. Someone (a person versed in history) told me that audiologists and teachers wayyyy back wanted to put us in categories, so they first came up with "semi-Deaf", then "semi-mute" something, then "semi-hearing" which evolved into "hard of hearing". It's important to analyze the history behind this particular label.

drmzz said...

"Hard ON hearing"? ;) Well, to the HoH, they feel they have some level of hearing so they don't consider themselves that Deaf. Deaf are like "ear-close" aka 'stone deaf' whereas HoH are "hard hearing" with some possibilities of missing sounds or speech. However, it involves the preposition "of" within the term to indicate some kind of mainstream relationship with English rather than ASL. I've used to call myself HoH for many years until Deafhood movement came into play then I switched to Deaf cuz from life experiences, that what hearies will see you as anyway. But since that happened, I've seen several still prefer to conform to HoH identity rather than Deaf.

Call me hearing-impaired? No thanks. I'll stick with Deaf. :)

mishkazena said...

I think the preference is based on cultural values Hard of Hearing people prefer to call themselves HoH if they are affiliated with the Hearing Culture. They don't feel themselves to be deaf because they do have enough residue hearing to understand speech.

HoH people affiliated with Deaf Culture call themselves Deaf, regardless if they can understand speech or not. They have the Deaf personality.

It's a good topic

Jean Boutcher said...

Hi B.A.D.,

My audiologist professors at Gallaudet defined in 1990s that hard-of-hearing people are the ones who are able to answer the
phone as well as to understand a spoken conversation on the phone.
Their deciBels, they said, are
not above 60.


In Europe, the term,
"hard-of-hearing", is not used.
Europeans use "partially deaf".

C said...

I don't know about others, but for family is all deaf and if someone I don't know, comes up to me and asked me if I'm deaf, I will say, yeah I'm deaf. But many who know me very well will say I'm hard of hearing because I can hear and am not completly deaf. STONE DEAF, I'm not. Technically, if one can hear sounds with or without hearing aid and are able to speak, they're hard of hearing. It has nothing to do with identity and nothing to do with "accepting" anything. Many HOH use ASL. Many are able to function in hearing world without much help. Many still need interpreters or CART for schools, courts, etc. Many HOH find relay service worthwhile. In many respects, they are deaf but because they can hear and speech comes easy to many, they are considered technically HOH. If I were to tell people I'm deaf, I have had many telling me that I'm not deaf because I can talk and use the phone. So, it is the deaf people who feel insulted that I would use the term deaf. Seems like it's hard to please everyone these days. So...easy solution is "I"m deaf, but, technically, I'm HOH"

C said...

Jean, this db above 60 is too general. many HOH have db above 60. I guess we need to factor in other things too besides DB.

Also many HOH are very much into deaf culture.

It has nothing to do with not being part of deaf culture.

Seems there's so much misconception about HOH. They are usually the ones that saddle both worlds and for many with hearing parents, they are more apt to be misunderstood. Many HOH from deaf family, however, are more accepted by deaf. Many of you have unbeknowingly communicated with HOH! True biz~

Anonymous said...

Hi b.a.d.

Very good vlog.

I am not comfortable to call Deaf people who can talk on the phone or has some ability to hear a Hard Of Hearing. I call them Deaf. I have friends who do not like to be called Hard of Hearing. They prefer to identify themselves as "I am Deaf but I can hear some."

C- Hi, You quote: "If I were to tell people I'm deaf, I have had many telling me that I'm not deaf because I can talk and use the phone. So, it is the deaf people who feel insulted that I would use the term deaf."

I want to bring up my concern that you said "Many" that implied that there are MANY DEAF people do not consider Deaf people can hear some would feel offended if they called themselves Deaf. It is not true. I have many friends who are Deaf and can hear some calling themselves as Deaf people. I like that very much. I know many other Deaf people do not feel offended. They would feel good.

"It is the richness of our culture and once posed the question ... regeneration of Deaf and to be a source of new awakening in us. ..."

Keep on Vlogging! Aidan

twisemom said...

Oh, Sure. I am hard of hearing person, but I accept that i am fully deaf. I used ASL all time. i can hear any high wave sounds without my hearing aids. Example: I heard subway, dog bark, i hear when a baby cried on my shouder, pot drop on floor. I learned that my mother told some that i am hard of hearing. Her friend tried to spoke me in loud. I ignored them. i prefer to flenut in ASL.

Deaf Woman said...

Hey B.A.D., very good topic and interesting to hear this subject. I've always been called HOH cuz I speak well, but truthfully, I'm "profoundly" deaf in my left ear and "stoned deaf" in my right ear. Without hearing aid, I hear almost nothing except for my dog who barks loudly (if close to me) with high pitch sound...and my father's whistles.

I work with Deaf children...I do not wear hearing when a child yells and if I could hear her, then that means she is too loud. They always ask how I know, lol! Pretty obvious, eh?

I'm Deaf and proud of it! It's a gift from God, for us to accept our deafness as a blessing! No noises to bother us in the mornings, no thunderings to wake us up! LOVE THAT! Silence is golden!

Keep on vlogging girl!! :-)

Anonymous said...

In the 80's I thought myself HOH cuz people tells me who I am when I was able to talk and read lips but even thou I can't hear the phone. My life changes when I went to NTID and I realized that I'm not that HOH but I am Deaf when I got involved into Deaf world then I was able to say that I'm "culturely Deaf". Now, we can use the terms "culturely Deaf" whether you are deaf, HOH or hearing as long as we communicate in ASL and understanding Deaf culture. When people say that they are HOH is how they are viewing of their hearing ability.

Cyborg Queen said...


Very interesting that you said that. I always call myself DEAF, however, it's the MANY DEAF people that call *me* HoH! They take one look at me, and find that I can speak fluently (because I was exposed to speech and sign language growing up), and I can hear well with hearing aids. It does NOT make me any better than you, or better than someone who cannot benefit from hearing aids.
I *hate* called HoH! Seriously! I'm Deaf, period. But...unfortunately, I've had situations when people come up to me and ask me, "Deaf or HoH?" I would say, "Deaf". Then they discover that I speak or see me speak to a hearing person, they would yell at me (well, in sign language), "You're not Deaf! You're hard of hearing!" To me, that feels like they're shunning me away from the Deaf world. Makes no sense at all. Keep up the Vlogging!