Monday, December 10, 2007

Response to Aidan Mack's Vlog: What can we do?


drmzz said...

Yea I was disgusted too. Political nonsense. It could've worked out if given the support. Very damaging to a deaf youth.

Jean Boutcher said...


Yes, contact John Egbert, Ella Mae Lentz, Joey Baer, or David Eberwein for more information about DBC (Deaf Bilingual Coalition.


I am glad you are interested.
The more we unite the strong we

Deaf Woman said...

Hey BAD! Nice change on your blogpost, nice color!

I agree with you, why Kathleen forbade ASL users to let Oralists join them for JrNAD...that's oppression! Let them join and learn from each other! I'm disappointed about NAD not responding to Liza with her plea for help and advise. I hope these vlogs by Liza, via Aidan Mack and your vlog will persuade NAD to jump into action and help Liza out. Wait n see what happens, hopefully soon!

IF NAD doesn't come to Liza's aid, then we will need to do something like you to get started, not sure...but anyone who's got an idea, let's throw it in and see if we can all participate...maybe we all should go to Midland Park School and make a peaceful protest to Kathleen...let them see that many of us are ASL users and speak as well. Put Kathleen to shame, even to the parents who may have told Kathleen it's a "NoNo" to let their children learn ASL!

Thanks to Aidan for filming n posting about this problem at Midland Park school in NJ!

John Egbert said...

For those who could contact Midland High School on behalf of students;

Midland High School

Midland Park Jr/Sr High School

250 Prospect Street

Midland Park, NJ 07432

(201) 444-8882

(201) 679-6198 Fax

Principal: Kathleen Treni,

Secretary: Viviana Torres,

I did already!
Just give them this website;

Thank you,

John Egbert

Anonymous said...

How about we set up new organization to advocate the oral youth who wanted to involve any kind of events and organizations which usage of ASL?

"Deaf Bilingual Youth Coalition"? That focus on Deaf Youth who wanted to learn ASL while they had been rejected or prevented from.

Just give an idea? we need to do something!

OCDAC said...

Jean, youre starting to sound like Pamela Labianca, the deaf actress who tried to fly over the cuckoo's nest.

Bug said...

Honestly NAD is not doing anything much for Deaf Community. They think they are powerful but not. Trust me....they are monkeying around. What a wasted $

DE said...


Yes yes yes yes you are right- we ain't waitin' and we are gonna DO IT! :)

Yes PLEASE join DBC!!! :) We can talk more over e-mail & VP.

ASL Risen said...


Please let me know if anything come up to you with updated from Deafread and DBC report for UNITED together. You did AWESOME JOB to make me think hard. Thank you so much for bringing up this video!

Big smile and hugs, Shawn

gina said...

I don't know what to say here but frankly, I think it's terribly digusting! We need to do something..we got to talk with some people like Joey Baer, John Egbert and find out what we can do! I am willing to get involved and help! (winks)

deafworldchamp said...

Yeah, i agree with you. I was member of nad last year and i didnt feel i get any benefit from them. Now i m not member of nad anymore cuz it s not worth to pay for if i dont get anything back from them.

That would be your good goal! I m more than happy to help! :)

Joey Baer said...

Excellent vlog and I am behind you 110%! it is time for us to stand up and fight for our linguistic rights. In my opinion, DBC would be a great place start. Right now, I know DBC is working on finalizing some things and they will announce soon on how we can join and support DBC!

We must, MUST go and save our Deaf children. They need us badly!

Deb Ann said...

I agree with you!

Lydia said...

I'm hearing, but I simply cannot understand why anybody would prevent their child from learning ASL at LEAST as a second language. If I'd been taught as a child--if my father who was a speech therapist had learned instead of depending on lip reading--then he would not have been so isolated for the last 20 years of his life unable to hear anybody. And I clearly saw how aids did not work for him.

Deaf dating said...

I agree with Jean