Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Am I addicted or obsessed w/Live DeafRead Chat?


Anonymous said...

B.A.D: You are definitely addicted to live chat. I am not sure about obsessed.

People encourage me to join DeafRead Live Chat but I refuse. I know I will be addicted to it if I go in there. I am already addicted to Deaf Read. That's enough. I have movie projects coming up that I need to focus on. :o)


Deb Ann said...


It's same with me! I think I'm both addicted AND obessed with Live DeafRead Chat!

It has been so CHAMP, indeed!

Suey said...

I would think addicted because you have been hooked and become more dependent on DeafRead! You will get over this excitment. Sounds like fun! I should go check it out. So how do you go to this chat room? Is it open 24 hours? lol

Anonymous said...

yep, i think obseesed and addicted is same thing. i am addicted to internet in general lol... so ur not alone and cuz live chat is new, us humans are naturally curious about new things and it easy for us to be hooked on something new. that is natural... eventually that live chat will wear down in a year or so like everything else. I am addicted to that live chat now lol... i am addicted to deafread site too....

Anonymous said...

Both of Addicted and Obsessed period but can't be pick one of addicted or obsessed....You're already thinking of that deafread chat room all the day you already addicted and obsessed!

Anonymous said...


Saw you in Live Chat..

In my opinion I dont think we're obessed as it just that we all are overwhelmed and met so many people who are from Deafread that they wrote many blogs/vlogs to all of us... meet them in real live person and talk directly to them in chat room.
I know many dont go on live due to some reason. I myself want to get my webcam on but I dont know how to install back in so need someone to hook up for me. I hope this weekend.
Live Chat is really champ and fun to chat and meet all kinds of people from all over USA and countries too. I hope we all stay in good spirits and respect each other and have good times in chat room.

Very good questions BAD!

See ya soon
Suzy SB ;-)

Vampbat said...

my opinion is both! :D but IN GOOD WAY! :)

Joshua "Vampbat" Womick

LaRonda said...

You're just in love with me. That's all. Call it addiction or obsession. Both work for me. Wink-wink!

Ha. I'm kidding. I'm having a great time with you on the Chat and can't wait till you finally Go Live!

I think you were probably just having a "senior moment."


~ LaRonda

Deaf Woman said...

LOL!! You're hilarious! You're losing your mind cuz you're obsessed with live chat...and you're addicted when you can't get off live chat but keep going and going like Dena said in her vlog...neglect everything else but in chat room for hours or days like Dena said...that's addicted and thinking about it is obsessed...I think that's how this works...anyone care to comment or correct me? Maybe Sharon and/or Candance can help you break your new "hooked" habit, lol! Maybe start a new anonymous organization: LCA (live chat anonymous). (But I don't think you want to, anyway, hee hee!) :-0

gina said...

Hi there! I think you are obsessed. It is okay to be obsessed to something you like. BUT in a good way......
I will try DeafRead Live Chat when I get a chance to sit down and surf the internet.

B.A.D. said...

Aidan - I think I am coming to the final decision that I am addicted!! Am going to try to break the cycle!
When you're done with the projects, JUMP IN!! ;-)

Deb ann - it was great talking to you the other day!!! :-) I still can't get on LIVE, can you believe?

Suey - I have been addicted to DeafRead for a long time, NOW I'm addicted to Y! Live! I love it! Just go http://www.live.yahoo.com/deafread

Chillygurlz - obsessed & addicted is quite a bit different?? I just don't really feel the obsession and addiction is the "same"...:-)

Anonymous said... (11:10) good point!!! Oh well!! :-)

SB! I see you on there quiet often eh? You're in our shoes of addictions! LOL! It is really CHAMP like deb ann says....

Vampbat - I agree...it is in a good way!

LaRonda - 2 words for you:

Deaf Woman - Your're definitely right about me losing my mind, and it's still going!! LOL!
Maybe Sharon/Candance will do a Vlog one day about this?
But I tell you Deaf Woman -I LOVE IT - LIVE CHAT!! I love DeafRead, I reallly enjoy everyone!! :-) Its really kewl!!

Gina - thanks for your reply! Yes I could be obsessed, or I could be addicted, but it is in a "good" way, even though there is not a "good" addiction out there, but this is alot of FUN!! :-)

Anonymous said...


I am not going there!

:-X heehee!!

you know who.