Sunday, November 18, 2007

ASL Expo in Frederick, Maryland


LaRonda said...

I have had the same wonderful experience when people recognize me from my vlogs. It's a great and I try to give that same feeling to other vloggers when I see them as well. Never in my lifetime would I imagine feeling famous, but thanks to DeafRead, my humble EGO gets a good stroke now and then. (WINK) ;)

~ LaRonda

Seek Geo said...

Ohh.. glad you had a blast! I'd love to go to ASL Expo one day. I will definitely keep eye on these announcement on when's events where I can go if it's closer at least.

Oh, did you take some pictures?


B.A.D. said...

LaRonda - yeah I could "imagine" the feeling. I was just like I'm on a "vlogger" - they loved my Vlogs and laugh. One woman, looked at me and kept saying you look so familiar!! All I said was "Vlog"? She said YES YES!!!! LOL!!

SG! EEK! NOPE Did not do pixs! I don't do pictures, I WISHED I did! MY BAD! Next time I will !!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Its nice meeting Vloggers-- Regarding to ASL Expo--I was VERY disappointed to discover that there were technically no activities for kids other than petting animals and paying 2.00 for one small lap riding the horse. The advertisement was very misleading stating there is lots of free kids activities as well have coloring, face painting etc and there wasn't any. Many parents were sooo disappointed.
Also, the mission statement of asl expo does not fit the descripition of what to be expected. There were no asl poetry, stories, etc that could be shared and show how we can value ASL as a language. There were sooo many people that did exceed the building's capacity which lead to overcrowded with lot of pushing and hard getting through from one booth to another booth.

Anonymous said...

I would not want to attend ASL Expo. It is the same owner who ripped off many people. Steve James Kittell is the owner of Deaf Success, Deaf Fiesta, and Deaf Caution. There are many performers and special guests like Matt Hamill backed out because they have not been paid. Just watch out for Steve James Kittell.

Deaf Poet said...

Hey, it must've felt wonderful to meet other vloggers and talking to them as if you've met them before, it's really interesting...I think it's cool! I met LaRonda last summer and it was sooo cool to meet her and had a chance to chit chat with her! Such a nice cool woman! Some day, I may get up the nerve to do some vlogging! Smile!

Misha said...

That's cool!

I went to ASL Expo up in West Springfield, MA back in October 27th. It was okay but decent though.

My question to ask you is you mentioned there will be ASL Expo in Connecticut in 2008 since I'm from Connecticut. Please can you tell me the information on where and date so I can be prepared? Thanks.

Misha :D

Anonymous said...

I think Steve or James wouldn't be able to that. I see your same message from somewhere else. You must be jealous of him in some way.

B.A.D. said...

Hey Misha!

Keep checking the it will come up soon, I think next month will update where they will be.

For Anonymous @ 5:03p.m. I am sorry you were VERY disappointed.
I was mostly inside and running to get coffee (it sure was COLD).
Honestly - the ONLY kids activity I saw was the pony ride here and there. I didn't see any other activites, to be honest I would love to join ASL Expo committee and make sure ALL KIDS activites run, and other programs, such as ASL stories/ASL culture in workshops, or somethings like that.
I hope ASL Expo will be better and BEST in 2008.
You are also correct, the building was too small, for SO SO many people, that is why it was so CROWDED.

Anonymous @ 7:48p.m.
Do you have concrete evidence of this? I am sorry to hear such news.

David A. Martin said...

It was nice meetin you. Funny my first reaction. I said "I saw you on VLOG" then u responded the same. I wish I can show u around Frederick as I grew up in that lovely town. I am also glad to know u are Redskins Fan! ASL Expo was OK I wanted to meet Matt Hamill. No entertainment only show movie "Wrong Game". But no compaints it was free. Good to Tom Neville and other old and new friends.
Take Care. If any V/Bloggers in Frederick let me know.
David "KISS-FIST ASL" Marton