Monday, October 29, 2007

Response to Amy's Vlog - "ASL Music - An Oxymoron?"


Larry said...

There are many of us who appreciate music, lyrics and rhythym, who also happen to be deaf. You have "it."
Don't let one blog crush your gift!

Anonymous said...


Oscar Serna said...

Amy wasn't targeting you.

I think she discussed the fact that hearing invented songs can not be called ASL songs after they are translated. I tend to agree because all translations always miss that small nuances unique to each language no matter how excellent a translation is.

Plus, I personally think ASL music is silly term because music means the noises composed by any type of instruments. It would be more accurate to write ASL song w/ music. You can have ASL song but not ASL music. Same with saying French music, English music, etc... you cannot do that because that is oxyomoron. But you can have all languages' songs.

I think Amy possibly messed up the title and her actual discussion :). Mistakes happens to the best of us. Hope it helps you feel better because I believe, if nothing else, that Amy is a good woman.

Take care!

Jean Boutcher said...

I have been unable to access
your video. Each time I click
your "Click", I get a blank
screen with a red cross in the
square on the upper right side.


B.A.D. said...

Jean - I am not really an expert on videos. Others seem to be able to get in? Try opening in the Internet Explorer? Or go to my website
Hope it works!

Oscar - Don't get me wrong,I am NOT upset with Amy anymore, I was at first, yes - EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion, and feelings. Believe me I have great respect for Amy. Thank you very (truly) much for explaining more in details.
I was just feeling very confused that was it. In the future, I hope to find another name for me, instead of ASL Music. I only used that name because of SIGNING the LYRICS (which is music with lyrics).

Deaf Poet said...

Hey, I'm glad you vlogged about this! Honestly, it was very inconsiderate of Amy to vlog, especially because it was right after you vlogged yours, in memory of David...and to top it off, she "had to" use these words as her title. I know quite a few of us felt the same way! It was insulting....

You and Aidan did a BEAUTIFUL job in making this music video, done in ASL!
As you stated, it was a dream you've always wanted to do and you did it superbly, it's a GIFT and use it, so please DO NOT STOP your dream on account of Amy's vlog!!

I can sense the hurt on your face, but PLEASE do not stop what your heart desires to do...sharing music with others, who also desires to know or understand the music.

I have a feeling (I could be wrong) that Amy saw your vlog and it got her thinking about your vlog and others as well and made her vlog about it...but still... she shouldn't have used her title as it was, most definitely, like a slap in the face! Amy could have used title such as "translating music" or something like that.

Remember, there's always an obstacle in our path of life, either we let it stop us or we push obstacle out of our way and just keep going. I, for one, want you to keep going as I enjoyed feeling music and watching you sign songs, you gotta do another one and another one!!

As for changing your title name, I like it as it is...but if you prefer to change, I'm sure some of us can throw you some words or ideas. How about BAD's Thoughts or BAD's Ramblings... You go girl, you rock!!

Anonymous said...

Music goes beyond sound, like you were saying. It really is popular poetry, a little snapshot of life or a little snapshot of emotion. Translating music into ASL takes a great amount of skill, and to a certain extent it is like translating a number story into English. The form is lost. Some music is about meaning, some is about form (rhyme, rhythm, etc.) It's not that you CAN'T sign music, sometimes it's awesome. What Amy was saying is to create NEW music for ASL, use ASL's form too. You can do both of these things. They are both art. I really enjoyed your music video, and plenty of other people do too, look at

-- Kate

Anonymous said...

Jean- I had the same problem earlier when I was in IE...after a few tries, read something, to that effect, (above this post) that said something like this, "if you want to see this video and trust it, click on this Active X"... which I did, then it worked after that...hope this helps.

drmzz said...

Keep 'em. Sorry u felt that way. I believe her response has to do with Lauren's Channel i Vlogs post, which labeled "ASL Music". Maybe you was the kicker after a couple people, tsk. I guess some people have to be PC about it.

jean said...

Hello b.a.d !
I understand how your feeling about asl music most important to you. Some deaf people who not interesting in music because of can't hear and misunderstand about asl music. I offer you asl poetry instead of asl music. Have a nice evening !
Jean M.

Amy said...


First of all, please do not stop what you truly love, translating beautiful music with ASL.

My vlog is not a direct response to your special dedication to David Adams. It was in response to Lauren Teurel Ridloff's i711 vlog about ASL Music, along with my general observations of several vlogs I've seen on YouTube and DeafRead when ASL users (Deaf and hearing) are trying to translate music and lyrics composed by hearing people to ASL to make this music accessible for Deaf people.

There were some examples on YouTube which some people who attempted to translate, does not make any sense to me.

I realized that my topic is controversial, causing a strong reaction from the community. I did get some angry comments from commenters on my blog, and at another hand, positive comments, especially one person asked me if my vlog can be used for the workshop too!

My topic is not a direct attack to you personally. I am presenting my thoughts of these words, "ASL Music" as a general term that more and more people are using... makes me think that people who translate music to ASL is called as "ASL Music"? So I started to think bit more deeper what is an actual definition of ASL Music itself?

B.A.D., I am saddened to hear that you were hurt by my vlog, and I am relieved to hear that you have a very wise friend who supported you for not giving up your dreams. I do not want you to give up your dreams because I shared my opinion about ASL Music as a concept itself.

Please keep up with your work!

Amy Cohen Efron

Squ65 said...

Hey -- Don't give up your hobby! You know something? It kinda hits me a hard when I first saw your name "ASL Music" My beloved college friend Angela who had an AOL screenname same as yours. She passed away a several years ago due to cancer. Whenever I see your name - I think of Angela. Her favorite singer is Barry Manilow. *eyes rolled* I am not into the music stuffs. Mostly listening to the relaxing sounds such waterfalls, coyotes howling, and so on. It helps reduce my tinnitus at my bedtime.

Neil said...

Seems like a lot of people are getting bent out of shape about nothing, really.

Music is, for myself and for many people, an expression of art. Yes, it's become commercialized art, but it is art nonetheless.

Yes there are songs that make very little sense in ASL but many of those songs make little sense in English too (case in point: Badge by Cream:

I told you not to wander 'round in the dark.
I told you 'bout the swans, that they live in the park.
Then I told you 'bout our kid, now he's married to Mabel.

Don't ask me. It's one of my favorite songs too. The point is: you can't sign that in ASL because it won't make sense to anyone.

I think one of the most fascinating instances of ASL music came at the end of "Through Deaf Eyes" when a young girl seemed to me to be signing a story (about riding in a convertible) along with Beethoven's Nightmare.

That is what ASL Music should be: taking the harmonies, rhythms and beats of insert your favorite music here and applying them to established ASL arts such as ASL Poetry, ASL raps, etc.

LaRonda said...

Hi there.

Just wanted to say I LOVED your ASL Music video dedicated to your friend, David. I thought it was so heartfelt and beautifully filmed.

I love watching music translated into ASL and I believe it can be done. However, I also believe that some people may not be translating music into ASL as accurately as others. This may be an issue for some people.

I love watching you bring music to life through ASL. Love it when Mike Scchmidt (drmzz) performs his stuff as well. I loved Aidan's music video she made a while back too.

It might not be for everybody, but I enjoy it muchly!

~ LaRonda

John Lestina --- said...

Response to ASL Music: CLICK HERE

Anonymous said...

Keep your good job on this ASL song... People should not make fuss over just "word" that can crush the feeling..... Your signing that song is THE BEAUTIFUL THING....It do touch many people's heart.... I want to thank you for touch my heart, I have lost many friends who passed away... that song helped me to think of those wonderful friends like yours... Keep your chin up and Think positive... Smile

Anonymous said...

Hey B A D
Can't open your vblog ..dont know why.. the previous vblog works but not the newest.
Please send me in my email
See you Sat! :-)

Longoman said...

Hi ya -
I couldn't walk away without making a comment here.
First off, the dictionary definition described music as an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. So it's not logical to put ASL in same term with music however ASL song is appropiate becaue it defines the category it is in. There is country song, rock song, etc.
Country music, rock music, and other music define category of music but ASL music can not be defined for obvious reason. FOr instance, our band, Beethoven's Nightmare has defined their music as Deaf Rock. Makes sense?

Anonymous said...

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Deb Ann said...

I haven't read your commenters yet, but I will after I posted my message to you.

NO, NO ,NO! Keep the way you are! I love the way you say on the top of your blog: ASL MUSIC.
It's perfect!

I believe in you!
You did a MARVELOUS job on the recent did so beautiful in ASL.

Deb Ann said... more thing to say.....After I read the comments.

King Burger ...if it's correct to be changed to be Burger of the King....

ASL Music ...if it's correct to be changed to be Music in ASL.

King Burger is just the name of the chain restaurant.

ASL music is good! =) Just the name. I guess it's just my opinion.

Deb Ann said...

ooops....It's Burger King (hee)

B.A.D. said...

Hi Amy, thanks for ur response I do see where you're coming from...and wanted you to see where I'm coming from with your Vlog....From what I perceive (see) for example....if I talked abt Deaf therapists, I would get a "quick response" from ASC because they are Deaf therapist, even though I wasn't talking/nor referring about ASC, so therefore when you stated "I've seen several v/bloggers (ASL Music)" I included myself for ASL Music. That's how it affected me...if you're speaking of a certain person (or people) like you just did, that would help have helped.
Amy, thanks for clarifying for me. I respect you as a person AND I have enjoyed many of ur v/blogs. Smile! IT is ok to disagree (with respect, challenging in good ways, we all can't like the same "football teams" smile).

As for everyone - I really was truly touched by all your comments, which I did not expect to get such great encouragements!
For now - I HEARTLY THANK YOU - and I will respond to you soon!!

Roger Spidle said...

Hi, I know the feel about throw your music into asl from your heart. I does dream have asl song from my own words. I've some to share but I'll vlog my asl song when I can.. I always asl song everyday from my own heart. Its come from my heart not music voice self. But I does love to listen to music... Music does make me relax... I'm look foward to share with you guys about my asl song. Don't quit, I love see you guys have asl song. I always enjoy it. You are very fine with it. Remember everyone are not same. I always said that "Half of world like you, other half of world not like you" Can't expect that everyone like your asl song. But there some deaf guys like your asl song though. Everyone have different VIEW and FEELING... Its come from your heart and dream. Don't give up. With huge smile. OK

Gina said...

How many time(s) did you sign ASL music? Just once, right? Just do what you want and don't give up! I know you enjoy listening to the music, right? You can still sign ASL music. (winks) Don't let other people's opinion(s) stop you from signing ASL music. (grins)

Lydia said...

Jean, I have not been here in a while, so I will remind you that I am hearing. Perhaps I can offer a different viewpoint.

I listened to your music with and without sound. It was still music both ways.

It is my belief that music is a special way of communicating that involves our senses and feelings.

Think about the music in visual art, for instance, in poetry word, physically in dance. None require hearing, but all are music; all transport a message to the soul.

Our senses are like different languages or media. Sometimes we "translate" from one to the other, and sometimes something is lost in the translation. Sometimes not.

A good story, whether translated into written form (book, perhaps) or video, dance, or music (opera or even today's video music), is still a good story.

Happily, sometimes a translation actually improves the story by making its meaning more apparent, more easily or more deeply felt. That is how I see your work.

Whatever anybody chooses to name it (and having to pigeonhole something by naming it is a pet peeve of mine anyway because to name it is to control it), it is still music.

Just Me said...

Hey, Have you thought of signing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. I always lip sync to it, and terrible singing on top of that, however my ASL skills needs work...and I know you CAN DO IT!

Where's your ASL Music videos? I wanna "see" you sing. :-)

Just Me said...

PS - I'm a HUGE fan of Reba McEntire..just saw your profile that you like her too...I don't know any OTHER deaf people that enjoy Reba's music.

lanedet said...

I wanted to say how much I really enjoy the ASL music for David Adam, You Asl it perfect and everyting along with it is perfect. I love country music and I m hard of hearing. Let you know that I watch the ASL music for David everyday!! He must have been a spiecal friend!! Thanks for doing it. Keep it going!! You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

You do not need to justify yourself. Be who you are and dream your dream!

bushbunny said...

Instead of ASL Music,
How about,
ASL Mind Scuptures

Anonymous said...

I love your video. It is beautiful. I am a new ASL student and I am so excited about learning the language. I too lost someone who was too young to leave this world and I want to learn how to sign that song.