Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sorenson and other Services - Need CHANGES!!!


Simon said...

That is good idea. I think VRS will tell you either female or male call. If not then you ask VRS to response your questions and answers. I am not sure if you want to say your word and I think VRS will tell customer to be polite words. If bad words, they might hang up your call and will not pick up or will not accept from VRS. That is big questions.

Simon said...

That is good idea to suggest.

lover said...

ohhh yess, i agree with you . i didnt think about. i remember i noticed vrs people didnt say female or male on the phone or sound what in sound of background. they must to tell us what are vrs people hear from hear people on the phone like old time of tty. Its not right or fair if they know everything or hear. why not we start little complain or help them with suggest. hHope all deaf people agree with you and me.

LaRonda said...

These are helpful tips. When I use the TTY, I always make sure to thank those relay operators who take special effort to give me the tone or expression or emotion in the voice of the hearing person I'm talking with. This helps a great deal and I thank them generously for it.

Have you shared your ideas with Sorenson yet? We can't assume the people who would make these changes go looking for them on DeafRead. Take it a step further and share your thoughts with the Sorenson agency near you or online.

~ LaRonda

B.A.D. said...

LaRonda -

I totally agree with you, I am MORE than happy to bring this up to Sorenson (VRS)...this is why I post it, get ideas/agreeing with me or not, so I can bring this attention to Sorenson (VRS) & make changes...question is HOW? Where do I write to them? (I'm duh in this area) :-)

Deb M said...

You have very valid point and I do completely agree with you as it makes alot sense to know the "tone" of hearing caller.

Did you know that you can go to VRS website and click comments or customer service. They have online form for deaf and HOH people to post compliant, comments, suggestions etc.

Most of VRS providers have websites and you can share your ideas to them. I am sure they will welcome the ideas.

B.A.D. said...

Hey Deb M!
Thanks! I will bring this up to Sorenson soon, and hopefully they change, if they say "not enough people saying this" I will simply send them this Vlog :-).
Thanks Again!

Bug said...

More than three things!

*If they work at late night, they need STOP yawning.

*Quit asking callers " the name of person you call to?"

*They sometime give out wrong information....they assume they understand sign language.

*When we dial and the Sorenson answer ....they should not put us on hold more than 5 seconds. When it happens, I hang up on them and use other VRS companies such as 711VRS

*Vote B.A.D. for Sorenson President so she will check on everything to be sure that we get good service!

B.A.D. said...

Hey BUG :-)

Thanks for the additional request of changes.

I was going to say about
"who are you calling for?" or "name of person you're calling for?" has got to stop!!! Sometime they shake their heads like "hello? Who are you asking for" (that kind of look) I won't answer because they are not asking me/but givig me the "expression!" UH!
Thanks BUG for the help!!

DeafWoman said...

Very true, I wondered about that and have asked them what they sound like, if sound happy or whatever...also recently I called my sister, thought it was her and it turned out to be my brother in was I think it's a great idea that the VRS agents tell us first, whether it's a male or female. I also noticed that they misunderstood me from time to time...luckily I can lipread and would correct them. Like LaRonda, I always make it a point to thank them for their help and if one did a superb job...then tell them that...sometimes they will ask me to write a letter of compliment on him/her...
I believe the address is... They all want to hear our suggestions and comments, good or not, they need our feedbacks. GOOD vlog to share and bring this to attention!! I do not know others' email address for us to share our feedbacks...Sorenson is the only one I know of. Keeeeep on vlogging, you rock!!! :-)

Seek Geo said...


You bought up interesting tips that is something I never thought of. I knew there was something missed out there until you mentioned "male" or "female", bingo!!

That's the thing I just remember now.. you are right, they never tell us. Interesting!

I remember how much I hated using TTY but at the same time I liked only because operators would tell us the sound effects, male/female, etc.

Good tips, B.A.D.!! :-D


DeafWoman said...

AYE AYE on what BUG and B.A.D said!! Will you think about this, to overlook for Sorenson and others to make sure we, the customers, are happy! One other thing is...drives me nuts when as soon as the person I'm calling put me on hold, the agent/operator, right away ask if put up privacy...duh...that was way too fast...wait a few didn't seem polite but rude, don't ya think so? Keep it coming...Sorenson and others will surely read this and have emergency meetings, lol! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Judge said...


If you are using Hands On VRS, you would have gotten your wishlist done!

Add "HOVRS.TV" to your speed list and call 'em.

The terps always tell you if it is male or female! Tell you the emotional or not. Will translate anything including "F" word.

It's YOUR call not VI's (video interpreter). You are the *BOSS* on each call!

If you need help, feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you!


Shrimpy said...

Hey B.A.D

I agree with you so much I did ask HOVRS but They wont tell me what Their Feeling . I kinda of unhappy with that cause I cant hear what their Voice wasnt Fair . you know what I am talk about it so I will Share with you about HOVRS . when I set up VLOGS as soon Thanks for Share with us ! BIG Smile

See you around

Shrimpy said...

Hey B.A.D

I agree with you Three things so I will expline to you when I will be there VLOG so I never forgot with My HOVRS it wasnt fair. Thanks for Share with everyone and me Too

See you around

B.A.D. said...

Judge - send me your e-mail :-)

Anyone else that has HOVRS or CDVRS or other services, please advise their number so I can in put in my VP.


drmzz said...

Like LaRonda said, share ur ideas with them. Send email in their digital suggestion boxes or whatever. I use TDD or AIM mostly. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I don't use VP often especially use Sorenson...
But i understand you guys.

There is new service,, here in Rochester. Julia Aggas came to my house and set it up for me. Even she set up the "conversation recording" in my laptop. I haven't try it yet.
Julia just set it up last Thursday.

Will keep you in post about this new service.

Laurie M.
Rochester, NY

Anonymous said...

They ask "name of who your calling?" to making the call flow better. Sometimes u have to go thru many different transfer before get who u want. Its really not hard just to say who ur calling to make the call go smoother. It is good customer service.